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United Business Mail Announces Expansion Into Additional Sorting Facility in Glendale Heights, IL

Released on January 12, 2022 CHICAGO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - United Business Mail (UBM) announced today that they have secured an additional 150,754 square foot production facility located in Glendale Heights, IL. It’s UBM’s continued focus on Simplified Postage Savings that has once again driven them to expand into new space. This announcement comes in follow up to UBM’s announcement in May of 2021 that they received approval from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to present Carrier Route sorted mail as a part of their Marketing Mail commingle pools.

When asked about this expansion, Company President Bill Boyce said, “When we moved into our existing facility in Itasca, IL back in June of 2018, we had 20 high speed sorters, with room to expand to 40.” Boyce went on to say, “In just three and a half years, our growth has necessitated buying equipment to complete the build out of this facility, and our new business opportunities have created the need for more equipment, more space and more employees. United Business Mail has already pre-ordered and has taken delivery of some of the equipment that will be needed to begin processing in this new space.”

The expansion into Glendale Heights will be in addition to UBM’s Itasca, IL location and will provide the company with over 350,000 square feet between the two facilities. UBM submitted over 2 Billion pieces of Marketing Mail to the USPS on behalf of their clients in 2021. Since receiving USPS approval for submitting Carrier Route sorted mail, UBM is sorting mail within their commingle pools to drive greater discounts for their clients.

UBM continues to be a leader in product innovation in the mailing industry and has been for nearly 35 years. As the largest independent commingle provider in the United States, UBM was first to market with 6-day mailing pools, 24-hour turnaround on submitting mailings to the USPS, in-home planning, a proprietary client portal for visibility and transparency, and discounts for Carrier Route sorted mail.

About United Business Mail

United Business Mail is a privately held Mail Service Provider that brings to the mailing community innovative postage savings options. United Business Mail is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with all operations based in the greater Chicago area of Illinois. United Business Mail employs more than 270 employees and plans to grow their staff in the Glendale Heights, IL area based on this expansion.

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