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Welcome to United Business Mail

United Business Mail has been in the commingling industry since 1987! Starting initially with First Class Presort & Metering, United Business Mail has grown to become the largest independent provider of Standard Commingle Services in the USA.


When you are looking at selecting a provider for Standard Commingle – what should you consider?


United Business Mail's 39 High Speed Sorters located in our Chicago facility currently processes over 2.5 BILLION Standard Class letter mail pieces per year.

Core Competency

United Business Mail does one thing exceptionally well - we sort mail! We don’t print. We don’t insert. We don’t transport. Perhaps most importantly, we don’t compete with your business. United Business Mail offers simplified postage savings. 


United Business Mail drops Standard Commingle 6 Days Per Week with a 24-hour Turn to every USPS destination through our Chicago area facility. We are proud to say we are the first to offer these services in the industry.

More Information

These are the first of many reasons United Business Mail should be your choice for Standard Commingle. Contact United Business Mail online today or call our Itasca office at (708) 356-5188 or reach our Minneapolis office at (612) 782-2044!


New Rates Effective July 14, 2024

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