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United Business Mail Announces to Move to New Itasca, IL Production Facility to Support Growth...

Released on April 27, 2018

United Business Mail has announced today that they have secured a new 203,064 square foot production facility located in Itasca, IL. With over 30 years’ experience in brining innovation to market in mail sortation, United Business Mail continues to expand their position as the premier choice for mail owners and mail service providers to achieve postage savings and speedy delivery.

When asked about this move, Company President Bill Boyce said, “When we moved into our existing 81,000 square foot building just 5 miles away only 2 years ago, we had 8 high speed sorters with plenty of room for expansion.” Mr. Boyce went on to say, “Through recent innovations such as a 24 hour turn, in-home planning and six day per week processing, the market has responded in a very positive way. Here we are with 19 high speed sorters, and we will process over 1 billion pieces of mail this year. The time is now for United Business Mail to move and continue our support of the increased market demand for our product.”

United Business Mail anticipate this location being completed and all functions transitioned to their new Itasca home by August 1, 2018. About United Business Mail United Business Mail is a privately held Mail Service Provider that brings innovative postage savings options to the mailing community. United Business Mail is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. United Business Mail employs more than 250 employees across their national footprint, and plans to expand their hiring as they transition into their new facility in Itasca, IL.

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