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United Business Mail Announces Multi-Million Dollar Investment In Sorting Equipment

Released on September 17, 2021

CHICAGO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - Several months ago, United Business Mail (UBM) announced to the industry that they received USPS approval for Carrier Route Sortation of their Standard Commingle Pools. The mailing industry received this announcement with excitement and has shown tremendous interest in UBM’s Carrier Route Program. UBM has received numerous signed commitments for converting current commingle as well as mail that is currently being sent via drop ship into UBM’s Carrier Route pools.

In response to demand for their Carrier Route program, UBM is thrilled to announce a major investment in sorting technology. Over the past 90 days, UBM has signed an agreement with Fluence Automation for the purchase of 12 additional high-speed sorters equipped with the Carrier Route sorting technology that both companies worked together to develop. This deal is valued at nearly seven million dollars. The first of these machines have been delivered to UBM over the past 30 days, with the remaining machines expected to be delivered before the end of this year.

Bill Boyce, President of United Business Mail stated, “United Business Mail continues to be at the forefront of service, innovation and investment in the Standard Commingle market. We continue to reinvest in technology that drives our business forward and allows our clients to manage the largest expense in any mailing campaign, which is postage.”

When Fluence Automation was asked about UBM’s continued innovation, Michael Swift, President of Fluence Automation stated, “UBM has been an important customer of Fluence Automation for many years. Their commitment to bringing carrier route sorting to their customers is a major positive change for the market. We are honored that they have chosen Fluence Automation as their technology partner.”

About United Business Mail

United Business Mail is a privately held Mail Service Provider that brings to the mailing community innovative postage savings options. United Business Mail is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with all operations centered in Itasca, Illinois. United Business Mail employs more than 270 employees and plans to grow their staff and operations center as a result of this product innovation.

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