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United Business Mail Receives USPS Approval for Carrier Route Sortation of Their Standard Commingle

Released May 24, 2021 CHICAGO - (BUSINESS WIRE) - United Business Mail (UBM) announced today that they received approval from the United States Postal Service (USPS) for Combined Marketing Mail Letters sorted to the Carrier Route level. UBM becomes the first and only provider of commingle services in the mailing industry to offer this level of postage discounts to their customers. With this approval, UBM can combine all postage payment methods (Permit/Meter/PC Stamp) for Carrier Route discounts.

UBM continues to be a leader in product innovation in the mailing industry and has been for nearly 34 years. As the largest independent commingle provider in the United States, UBM was first to market with 6-day mailing pools, 24-hour turnaround on submitting mailings to the USPS, and in-home planning through their proprietary client portal. Bill Wetzel, Chief Executive Officer of United Business Mail stated, “it has been on UBM’s radar for several years to build mailing pools large enough to be able to share in carrier route discounts with our clients. For the past 15 months, we have worked tirelessly on this project, making sure to validate every possible scenario before presenting this process and technology to the USPS. I’m extremely proud of everyone at UBM that has worked on this project. This announcement of product innovation is unprecedented in the commingle industry.”

UBM works with mail owners and mail service providers across the United States. Commingling is a process that enables mailers to combine their mail streams to maximize postage discounts offered by the USPS. Bill Boyce, President of United Business Mail stated, “UBM is excited to make this announcement to our clients and prospective clients. Postage is the largest expense in any mailing campaign and knowing that UBM has brought a solution to market that drives that expense down is an absolute game changer.”

About United Business Mail

United Business Mail is a privately held Mail Service Provider that brings to the mailing community innovative postage savings options. United Business Mail is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with all operations centered in Itasca, Illinois. United Business Mail employs more than 270 employees and plans to grow their staff and operations center as a result of this product innovation.

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