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Green Initiatives at United Business Mail

Payroll Processing:
-    Minneapolis Team – 100% paperless.  No live checks.
-    Itasca Team – 90%+ paperless, with less than 10% live checks.
-    All production hours are collected electronically with no paper sign in forms and/or clock in.

Accounts Payable:  
--Undertook an initiative to move vendors to electronic payment, either via credit card or ACH.
--Request vendors to send invoices via email to Accounts Payable Mailbox rather than paper invoices.
Accounts Receivable:
--We encourage clients to pay via ACH rather than live check.
--We email invoices and postage logs to clients.  No paper invoices.

Company Wide:
--Initiative to encourage/allow work from home when the role allows for it.  Currently 100% of Minneapolis workforce works from home 4 or more days per week.  Various roles in Itasca allow for work from home during various days of the week and/or flexibility to do so.

•    Inbound Placards – Reduced requirement from 4 placards per pallet down to 2.
•    Eliminated nearly 100% of paper requirements for receiving and QC via automation.
•    Reduction of client required paperwork with inbound jobs with a initiative to reduce this to 100% percent elimination of paperwork.

•    All communication from operations to admin (internal) is now electronic.
•    Current initiative to transition to lower draw opportunity charger forklifts to lessen our electrical demand.  
•    We are 100% electric lift with no propane or diesel.  
•    Our 2nd facility is going to use a combination of large fans and AC units to reduce the number of RTUs and improve the efficiency of the units we will be using.  
•    All lighting structures in Itasca are motion activated and will we be looking to make that change in the Glendale facility as well. 
•    During high volume periods we are incentivizing employees to carpool to reduce the number of cars.
•    All wood, corrugate and plastic waste is recycled.  Effectively zero to landfill with anything other than basic garbage.
•    As a USPS Seamless Acceptance early adopter, we eliminated paper mailing and shipping documents several years ago.
•    We use the two-up placards for each pallet instead of full page reducing paper consumption by 50%.

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